2020 VW Tanoak Pickup Concept; Specs, Feature, Release Date

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 - Volkswagen

Americans like pickup and Volkswagen wants the Americans to like it. For this, it presented the prototype of a pick-up, the New VW Tanoak Concept, which can give rise to a new proposal of the brand for the American market. A region where you will get a new five-seater SUV from the brand that is previsualized by the Atlas Cross Sports Concept.

2020 VW Tanoak Release Date and Price

Even with all of Donald Trump’s “moods” for European manufacturers, brands like Volkswagen look with an ever-increasing interest in the North American market. As it was demonstrated again in the New York Hall, where the brand presented two concepts that can give rise to proposals for important segments in this area. The most striking example of this effort is the VW Tanoak Concept, which announces intentions regarding the launch of a pick-up. Already confirmed for 2019, the year the new VW Jetta arrives in the United States, it was a five-seat SUV inspired by the Atlas Cross Sport Concept.


This is a double-cab pick-up that has a visual on the front quite similar to the Atlas, an SUV that the German brand sells on the other side of the Atlantic. Despite this, as it is a prototype, there are always those elements of a more futuristic nature, such as “abuse” in the use of LEDs. In this case, they are even embedded in the rear compartment, serving so to illuminate the cargo box. This compartment was thought not only for a working optics but also in order to seduce those looking for a pick-up for leisure, since the length of 1, 62m and the width of 1, 45m facilitates the transport of bikes, surfboards and other equipment.

The Volkswagen Tanoak Concept has a length of 5, 43m and a distance to the ground of 25cm. In aesthetic terms, the shapes similar to the Atlas SUV to the B-pillar are highlighted, the bulky plastic protections on the wheels, as well as the rims of 20 ” In a chromatic combination between aluminum and black tones. On board, a digital operation is emphasized almost 100%, achieved through several screens. The motorization chosen for this pick-up, which has a name inspired by a tree on the Pacific coast of the United States, was a V6 TSI that debate 276 Hp.

2020 VW Tanoak Interior Dimensions


This novelty announces a future five-seater version for the Atlas SUV, starting from the same MQB platform (whose versatility is demonstrated by the application to the VW Tanoak Concept) but with a lower length of 25cm. It seeks to get a more style Sports and lines inspired by coupes, with a very slender C-pillar and short edges. In addition to the work of LEDs on the front, The mark also highlights in the design the way the bulky wheeled holes channel attention to the rims of 22 “with gloss polishing.

The exterior is also highlighted for the aluminum strip that makes the passage from the sides to the rear, above which the rear LED lights are located. In addition, this decorative element gains greater volume in a second embellishment below, in the surrounding area of the exhaust tips.

On board, we have a primacy of horizontal lines in style, with a panel of digital instruments whose visual changes depending on the styles Sport, Snow, On-Road, and Off-road. Next to it comes a screen with 3d navigation, which can be accompanied by several customizations on the top track. There are also longitudinal bands, with aluminium sections, which extend at the bottom of the center, involving the tactile controls for functions such as air conditioning and heating of the seats, the level of the DSG box and the controls to choose between the modes of Driving e-Mode (electric), Hybrid, GTE (more sporty hybrid), OFF-Road and battery Hold/Charge (preserve the capacity and recharge the batteries).

Under The Hood, the brand opted for the VW Atlas Cross Sport Concept by a hybrid combination with a V6 TSI of 276 Hp, and electric motors on the front axle (54 Horsepower) and rear (114 Horsepower). And it was thought for two separate modalities. If you resort to an 18kWh battery, it will be a Plug-in hybrid with 50km of electric autonomy. But there is the option for a store with only 2kWh, which means the configuration of this prototype as a serial hybrid.

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