2020 VW Tarok Pickup Truck – Concept, Platform, Concept

Thursday, November 8th, 2018 - Volkswagen

Today the 2020 VW Tarok Concept has been unveiled in São Paulo, Brazil. The pick-up stands out because of its flexible body and a high degree of connectivity; a packer with a brain.

2020 VW Tarok Concept & Release Date

A pickup may be a rather rare phenomenon in our country; on other continents they are still hot. Enough to convince Volkswagen to work on it. We have known the Amarok for a while, of course, but VW also sees space in the future and it needs to be filled in the future with something similar to this newly unveiled 2020 VW Tarok Concept.

The flexible loading platform is the most striking. By default, the Tarok has a five-seater cab, but when you have long pieces to transport, fold the back wall together with the rear seat back and you can push the load to the backrests of the front seats. The length of the loading floor grows from 1.206 to 1.861 mm. If that is not enough, the tailgate can be in horizontal position and then the floor measures 2.775 mm. Of course, you should then use straps and do not pull up too hard.

The dashboard is – certainly for a pick-up – strikingly digital and contained in a panel in the paint color over the entire width. Typical of the carriage is a rollbar-like c-style that runs through the roof.

2020 VW Tarok Engine Specs

Under the hood of the Tarok Concept is a 150 hp 1.4 TSI that can run to good Brazilian need for E22 and E100 (ethanol). The block is combined in the concept car with a six-speed automatic and 4-motion four-wheel drive. Volkswagen promises the early arrival of a production version that will hardly deviate from what we see here. Initially, it is meant for Brazil, but VW believes that it also has potential in other markets. When he rolls out of the factory exactly production-ridden, Volkswagen cannot say, but it is already known that it starts with a two-liter TDI with also 150 hp.

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