Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Cabrio Reviews, Price, Interior, Specs

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Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Cabrio Reviews – The sound of a thoroughbred Italian sports car, the size of a Fiat 500 and handfuls with expensive parts: this is a car for men who without hesitation ‘ Akrapovic ‘ can say and not for girls who find the ‘ Fiat ‘ such a nice car.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Cabrio SPecs and Prices

Rarely was a type name of a car as confusing as this: Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha. Huh? Abarth and Yamaha. Is it a car? It is a motor? It gets even more complicated if we tell you that he is parked next to a Yamaha 900 XSR Abarth. Follow it yet? Although cars with engines to compare apples with pears, Abarth and Yamaha have done their best to their respective car and engine close to each other. See the name therefore as a culmination of this collaboration. But there is another name that should be called and that like an elephant in the corner of the room there is: everyone sees him, but no one is talking about it. And that is Fiat. You have fifty years have been under a rock if you don’t see at a glance that the Fiat 500 as a basis. But the Fiat Group wants Abarth as an own brand in the market, such as Citroën that with DS, and so it’s Abarth. Point. Of the 695 pieces which of these exotic species are built, there will be ten to Netherlands, and those are all convertibles.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Specs and Prices

The jewel of this car is the Akrapovič exhaust system. For example, for BMW and Porsche, this Slovenian firm nice systems and in the motor world is the brand known for years. Start the 695 and a dark hum fills the space. A sound so full, that you not associate with a 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine, but rather with an eight cylinder. However, it is really a four-in-line, equipped with a turbo and good for 165 HP. Koni supplied the dampers, Eibach springs and the Abarth 695 even better on the asphalt. It will not suit everyone’s taste, but we find the Abarth styling of the car very successful. A sweet ladies car becomes a rugged sports car-on-scale. Other bumpers, other wheels, spoiler package, red brake calipers, badges and get some subtle adjustments do the work.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Cabrio Interior Images

Of course, the fall in the Interior bucket seats on. A vast improvement over the kitchen chairs that the original has. They are fine, but what would we like to sit lower. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. One with suede finished send, a thick shift knob, carbon fiber trim of the dashboard, a G-Force meter and a type plate with the serial number – there is work. That may also be because he cost €37,995.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Test Drive

The use of the name Yamaha must also be declared here. Because in the car is not one part processed that Yamaha comes from, and the other way around, too. However, the car and the motorcycle in the same color are sprayed, there carbon fiber ornamental parts are used and Akrapovič in both cases is responsible for the sound. The link between both brands is that sponsor is of the Yamaha MotoGP team Abarth, with Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales.

Then driving. It will come as no surprise that a small car will draw good if you have a turbo engine with 165 HP in stops. He does, though it’s not as if at a Sprint the blood runs out of your head. He is terribly sensitive to Baker roads and Rails and draws on such road surface easy to one side. The switch goes smoothly, with short strokes. The handling is sporting. He is a sturdy suspension (not tough as nails, happy) and can be easy by a right-angle bend. The engine sound exciting definitely works with an open roof. It’s just a fun car to drive, although the best control what should give more feedback. He sends not extremely light but also brings not very clear on what’s under the front wheels.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Cabrio Limited Editions

All in all, it is an entertaining car that it especially needs to have his appearance and his sound, and less of impressive performance. It will be no problem to find ten people in Netherlands who appreciate that.

Abarth 695 XSR Yamaha Pros and Cons

+ What a sound!
+ Nice details
-Fuzzy control

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