2020 BMW M2 Competition Review: Specs & Performance

Thursday, October 11th, 2018 - BMW

The New BMW M2 Competition is the first biturbo-heart of the M4. The performance level is considerably higher, but also the driving habits benefit from the new power source.

2020 BMW M2 Competition Acceleration

There are cars that have an almost magical attraction to tuners. The BMW M2 belonged to that company until recently. Not that you had the idea behind his thick three-spoke steering that you were short, but you did get the feeling that there would be a lot more to do with some key work. Especially on the rotor plane. Now the six-cylinder line engine with its 370 hp and 500 Nm of torque is not exactly part of the armature engines. Still, he should have some more horsepower to serve as a driving force for wild drift parties and other dynamic, especially at higher speeds he had little meat on the bones.


In other words, the chassis could simply have more power than the engine could deliver. So far at least, because with the 2020 BMW M2 Competition, BMW makes sure that the somewhat crooked ratio between along-and transverse dynamics is now completely balanced. And that is not realized by tinkering with the software of the single-turbo, BMW chose to spoon the power source of the M4 into the small M2. The bi-turbo motor includes the corresponding refrigeration package in the pre-assembled, which is equipped with the necessary reinforcements. The operation of the driving modes is now identical to that of his big brother. That means you are unlike the regular M2, that you can only taste according to the ‘ fixed ‘ driving modes Comfort, sport and Sports Plus, the sharpness of the steering, the engine, the exhaust system, and the (optional) dual transmission can now control the link itself. This is also the only difference with the normal M2, which has disappeared from the price list immediately.

2020 BMW M2 Competition Performance

In all other respects, the compact fun letter remains faithful to its principles: a classic sports chassis, an active differential lock, a standard manual gearbox and the constructive of the M4, which in combination with the twelve Centimeter shorter wheelbase ensures that the M2 is very wide on its wheels. His tried-and-tested concept certainly does not taste less delicious, this car still provides a very wide grin on your face. Completely in the case of the Competition version with his muscular engine.

In addition, the engine, like in the M4, can pour a torque of up to 550 Nm over the occupants. Also in other respects, you notice that the three liters in the M2 are completely in place. He responds particularly eagerly to Gasbevelen, quickly builds turbo pressure at medium-speed speeds and allows it to be dispensed with a lot of precision. And then there is the unprecedented enthusiasm with which he pulls through to the red area.

However, there are also a few things that the bi-turbo motor not so well mastered. Thus, the sound that invades the interior is not exactly a pleasure for the ear (the single-turbo sounded fuller) and at low revs, he should be quite a bit earlier in class. The 370 horsepower engine did not require a 2,000 rpm to come on steam, the M4-descendant only starts to get enthusiastic at least 2,500 rpm. Above all, he responds all the more ardently and eventually he gets to over 7,000 rpm.

This engine is in all respects aimed at maximum dynamics and in that respect it fits perfectly with the M2. The optimal alignment of torque and speed ensures that the chassis is very well-suited. The M2 always belonged to the cars that you could direct with your right foot.

He did so so willing that thanks to the movable backside understeer were not in his vocabulary. With the powerful control you only have to give the first start the bend, then you can change the BMW with the back of course. In addition, the driver himself can choose whether he wants a neutral backside, want to make a cautious drift or – if he has real guts – wants to throw the butt completely straight. This game will be able to master the 2020 BMW M2 Competition even better than the base-M2. At a given moment, it was out of breath, so that you could never fully experience his dynamism. Sometimes you could have reached the maximum torque, sometimes in terms of speed and usually even in both areas.

2020 BMW M2 Competition UK Release Date & Price

2020 BMW M2 Competition Driving Test

The 2020 BMW M2 Competition has more in-house in all respects: more power, more torque, and a higher maximum speed. The consequence: Although only small cases have been changed to the chassis and the differential, the driving behavior is still more playful than before, and at the same time, he puts more determination to the day. This is partly due to the fact that a few beauty flaws have been corrected in the Competition model, which, to date, have been a little bit like the sporty blazon of the regular M2.

The ESP Sports mode is no longer in the way of the drive, it allows for considerable drift angles before it intervenes. In addition, you no longer have to settle for house-garden-and-kitchen seating that does not offer too much lateral support, you can also choose sports chairs that honor their name. Also, the top speed in line with the larger power is increased, from 270 to 280 km/h. The available sports brakes with 400 millimeters of metal on the front-end are also worth considering, as they even have several quick rounds In succession without problems. For tuners, there seems to only work at the sound level store, because the sound does not entirely affect the intensity of the drive feel, partly because of the standard gasoline particle filter.

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