2019 Ford Transit Custom L1H1 Sport Review; Engine, Feature, Price

Saturday, May 19th, 2018 - Ford

here is 2019 Ford Transit Custom L1H1, The Ford Transit Custom benefits greatly from the sweeping facelift that took place last November. By now we have been able to drive him as 170 hp strong Sport with an automatic transmission.

2019 Ford Transit Custom L1H1 Sport Interior Features

A sigh of enlightenment as the first bumps and pits after leaving the Ford establishment lie behind us: the rear axle of this new sports performance is fortunately no longer as idiotic as in the previous model, in which it was sometimes ugly bounce. The novice has received a more enjoyable alignment, although the payload is still 100 pounds higher than the other Custom versions. Fine, because the almost unstuck shaft of the previous version seemed like a half-hearted attempt to make Transit a sport-Ford. Now the sports story focuses mainly on the decoration. It is as luxurious as Limited, but also has 18-inch light metal, a grille frame with piano and a styling kit in which the outside ‘ everything ‘ is sprayed into the car color; The Mistlamp frame is dark tinted and there are again two broad sports stripes on the front and the rear doors stuck. The extra charge is €1,900, so the Sport costs from €30,775. The Sport is also there as 310 L1H1, 290/310 L2H1 and 310 L1H1-double cab.

The second important observation during the test week is that the 2.0 EcoBlue engine sounds less raw and feels more than in the cars that we drove in Germany at the end of last year; A character trait that unfortunately also recently had to be noted with the large Transit with the new six. In the now driven Transit Custom with 170 hp strong engine and the select Shift-Automatic, the boom only comes forward at idling time. The new Custom can be rubbed at the very best that the engine sounds somewhat nervous, although at 100 km/h it turns 2,000 rpm; Emotionally, there are many more. Manual switching is possible with the toggle switch on the selection lever and is much less necessary than with the previously driven large Transit (to fix the boom). The dispenser is highly recommended in the Custom Sport than in the big Transit, because he makes his work unobtrusive and good. You just don’t have to go wildly on the gas, because the bucket-on the way to the kick-down-takes too much reflection time, after which the car goes off in full speed. And that’s really easy, with 405 Nm on the front wheels. The test consumption amounted to 8.4 l/100 km, a tenth less than the previous test.

2019 Ford Transit Custom L1H1 Sport Dimensions

2019 Ford Transit Custom L1H1 Convenience

The most important improvement of the facelifted Transit Custom is the dashboard, which especially the middle section has gained a great ease of use. The operation of heating and ventilation has towards moved so that it is more accessible and visible. However, climate control should be standard on an expensive top model like the Sport. The large display is also only standard on the Limited and the Sport; In practice it appears to function excellently, as is the speech function to control the navigation, for example. To Macha: The appearance of the displayed on the display is not exactly contemporary, on the dull af even. It is quite clear. Furthermore, the buttons on the steering spokes are very close to the edge, so you quickly unintentionally press the palm and the on-board computer will indicate something you did not ask for. There is a tribute to the many safety systems, although in our eyes very important blind spot detection BLIS is, unfortunately, an option (€450). Fortunately, the Custom has large, double mirrors. Standard for all models is in any case also the fine, precise, but never too light or nervous control. And it is a pleasure for every kilometer.

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