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Here We Write About 2019 Honda HR-V Specifications, Performance, Price, Gas Mileage, Interior, Redesign Exterior, Color Option, also Release Date.
Honda is a small brand, but it knows the value that the market has and so has made a HR-V that hits full in the fashion of crossovers.

2019 Honda HR-V Dimensions SUV CHanges

With the exponential growth in recent years, crossovers represent already 20% of sales in Europe. Portugal, which is a country that enjoys accompanying fashion, follows the trend with a market share of more than 30%. This member of our country is mainly due to the increase in the offer in the smallest segments, where Renault Captur and Nissan Juke are leading the preferences. Even before HR-V, which will reach the national market during the month of September, Mazda launched the CX-3, a direct competitor that promises also to stir sales in the coming months.

With this new generation of HR-V, Honda wanted to go further and so conceived a car that, inheriting the genes from the previous HR-V, joined new ingredients, such as a more functional interior and a more sporting style, while using two motors that fall like a glove in the obj Etivos proposed: 1.5 i-VTEC of 130 CV and 1.6 i-DETC of 120 CV, this the engine chosen for this essay after the international presentation made in Lisbon.

4.29 meters long, HR-V is located somewhere between a Mazda CX-3 and the Qashqai! Hence, one of the ambitions of Honda is to conquer 70% of the customers to other brands, predominantly from the segments of the Monovolume and hatchbacks of segment C. And there are no compelling arguments.

Resuming the thesis of dimensions, with 4.29 meters the HR-V is 16 inches larger than the Nissan Juke, has two more inches than the CX-3, more 1.7 cm than the Opel Mokka and less 8.2 cm than the Nissan Qasqhai. No wonder why Honda’s ambition to paste its new SUV/Crossover to the icon that the market has elected as an example of a new fashion, the Qasqhai.

Known for technical rigour, Honda did not want to stop associating this brand with a style marked by quality, even though the unit tested present some typical defects in the first units.

Walking with a model that is not yet for sale has the effect of generating a growing curiosity and, therefore, in the approaches that people spontaneously made us (some of them judging even though we were Germans given the license plate) was to question us about some of the Exercises expressed in an innovative style, as is the case of the rear door handles hidden in the third pillar, a touch that gives the HR-V a style coupe type.

This is not a new point, particularly in the brand, since Civic also uses it. This exercise does not affect the accessibility or the habitability that, as we will see more ahead, is among the best. The same happens with the capacity of the suitcase that, with 470 liters (counting the reserved space for the replacement series replaced by the repair kit) exceeds the trunk of the Qasqhai. This extends to 1533 liters, and can take over multiple intermediate configurations thanks to the system of magical banks, one of the features inherited from Jazz and Civic.

In the field of active security are many novelties, from the front-collision warning to the track-out warning device passing through the useful system of assistance of maximums that so much gives the night where the LED headlights Caraterizam this version (Executive) Best equipped They make perfect lighting.

2019 Honda HR-V Interior

The biggest surprise arises when we enter the inside and we find that the Honda HR-V has more space than any of its competitors, just getting scarcely 10 points in the content of the dwelling of Nissan Qasqhai (9604 points vs. 9614 points). This value results from a length of the passenger compartment and an interior width ahead and back far above the average, while functionality is unique. This is because of magical banks, a well-known Jazz and Civic system, allow to modulate the cargo space according to the needs.

2019 Honda HR-V Interior Dimensions

One of the most innovative modes is the vertical placement of the base of the rear seats, an ideal setting for carrying objects like a bicycle, standing behind the front seats. To carry longer objects, such as a surfboard, just tap the back of the passenger seat.

In addition to spacious, the interior of HR-V has yet other virtues, one of which is the equipment, of which we highlight the already-known infotainment system of the CR-V and which contemplates a number of attributes, such as access to multiple functions from a 7-inch tactile touchscreen. . As in other systems of the genre (R-Link of Renault among others) also this comes in series with some preinstalled applications, while others can be purchased.

Useful and practical functionality is the MirrorLink, which mirrors the content of our smartphone after we pair it.

Novelty is the free updating of the navigation system for the first four years. Updated or not, the truth is that during our rehearsal, the system didn’t always hit the road to the first. Anyway, this is an easy-to-fix problem.

What cannot be corrected is access to some connections, such as lighter, USB or HDMi socket, placed underneath the central console where the gearbox command is in an unreachable place.

However, the “Smart touch Interior” concept allows easier access to certain functions such as the electric parking brake, the tactile control of the HVAC or the one-touch steering blinks. In addition to practical, this concept also contributes to greater comfort.

Comfort that is strengthened by a good soundproofing, although we had not confirmed with our sound the 65 dB (a) that the brand says register at 100 km/h. Even so, the measured values do not compromise the general comfort that is good, as well as the passive level of security Judging by the six airbags. We’re waiting for the results of the EuroNCAP.

Engine Performance & Specs

Between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine, we chose the diesel for this first test to the Honda HR-V. Known as the Civic and CR-V, the 1.6 i-DTEC is the second diesel engine of Honda.

In addition to a high torque that confers a good response (elasticity) since the lowest regimes, it has the ideal power for the HR-V face to the announced 1324 Kg. Smooth in operation thanks to a reduced compression rate, this engine brings together a set of interesting technological solutions, as is the case of a lighter and more balanced crankshaft, a characteristic that, along with reducing friction, contributes to a lot of use Nice. In this case, the only possible transmission is a six-speed manual box (the CVT type box is reserved only for the petrol engine). This enjoys some virtues such as precision, speed, a very small course between the various relationships and a staggering that could not be better for benefits, consumption and emissions.

Built on a new platform, it is natural that this third generation of the Honda HR-V has higher rigidity. The exact value was not revealed, we only know that this evolution had, amongst others, the goal of optimizing the dynamics of the suspensions, minimizing the effect of the center of gravity to be higher than normal. Even so its position is much lower than in the previous generation relative to which inherits the MacPherson’s suspension structure from the front, while behind a bar-shaped H tries to counteract the bearing of the bodywork.

2019 Honda HR-V Redesign and Update

To minimize the subheading effect the front suspension now has a lower bearing center than in the rear, a help that tries to improve the behaviour in the case of more committed conduction, read sports, while the electric direction has been programmed to increase the Sensation of agility.

New Honda HR-V Fuel Economy

Although the chosen version (Executive) is the most expensive, the proposed price of 30 800 euros establishes an excellent relationship with the equipment. This is quite complete as you can see from the list presented. A value that compensates for the EUR 4000 that separates this version of the cheaper. Regardless of the price, consumptions are common and, if after some effort we cannot match the 4.1 L/100 Km, not because we have the heaviest foot but because that is a value obtained under optimal conditions, the truth is that we have achieved an average online with the expectation. With values ranging between 5.2 liters and 6.7 liters, the average reached was 5.9 L/100 Km. This was the result of normal driving along a route that after a few days walking in the city went to the Algarve , passing through the most farthest reaches of the Alentejo, such as Mértola, Serpa or Monsaraz.

In addition to the good price/equipment ratio (value for money) and to be spared, HR-V presents good negotiating conditions when ensuring good guarantees, a historically high return value and competitive utilization costs resulting in a part of a reliability Traditionally elevated.

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