New Mazda SkyActiv-X Review – 0 Emissions Engine!

Friday, March 16th, 2018 - Mazda

The New Mazda SkyActiv-X engine technology that Mazda is developing will initially be premiered in the new Mazda 3, the model resulting from this Kai Concept, presented in the world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show and which should reach the markets in 2019

Mazda SkyActiv-X SUV Concept

The next-generation Mazda SkyActiv-X gasoline engine is a revolutionary powerplant that combines the free-revving characteristics of a gasoline engine with the fuel efficiency, torque and fast initial response of a diesel unit.

Thanks to its proprietary Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) technology, Mazda SkyActiv-X is set to become the world’s first* commercial gasoline engine to use compression ignition to realize an unprecedented level of sharp engine response and torqueful acceleration combined with higher fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions than ever before.

At the same time as pursuing this ideal internal combustion engine, Mazda also developed a new platform, next-generation SKYACTIV-VEHICLE ARCHITECTURE, with an increased focus on our human-centered design philosophy to maximize the inherent ability of the human body. Together, these groundbreaking next-generation technologies synergistically support Mazda’s world-renowned Jinba-ittai driving experience.

Mazda claims that this revolutionary fuel block, manages to have pollution levels comparable to the designated “0 emissions”, and integrates an offensive of new motor vehicles that includes electric and micro hybrids in 2019, and the Plug-in in 2025. See the explanation of how the SkyActiv-X rivals the electric motors in the environmental impact.

ACEA recently came to say that ‘ putting all the chips ‘ in the electrics to reduce emissions was a wrong practice on the part of the authorities, and information now presented by Mazda gives more strength to this idea. All because the manufacturer of Hiroshima came to confirm that his new gasoline SkyActiv-X (presented with the Kai Concept) rivals the electric motors at the level of emissions produced. According to the Asian brand, this propellant has “potential to reduce emissions from an internal combustion engine to less than an electric, when evaluated throughout the life cycle”.

Mazda SkyActiv-X Review Performance

Mazda claims to be focused on improving the environmental performance of traditional engine since the ways of obtaining electricity (such as coal or petroleum) to feed the designated 0 emissions mean that they are not effectively emissions 0. But the nips also plan the arrival of the new engines to the range, since the introduction of SkyActiv-X in 2019 is accompanied by the first 100% electric model of the brand and micro hybridization technologies. For 2025 the Plug-in hybrids are expected to be introduced. These are important elements in the strategy that aims to reduce emissions throughout the automobile lifecycle by 50% for the period 2010-2030 and has as final goal the descent of 90% by 2050.

But the current focus of most authorities, which only presents the fully electric models as a solution for reducing emissions, is criticized by the brand. and states that, “with two-thirds of total electricity production relying on fossil fuels, Mazda considers that regulations that place absolute EV emissions as zero are not sincere.” and presents concrete data. According to explains, an electric vehicle spends on average 20kWh every 100km, on average. What it means, with electricity production from coal emissions of 200g/km, with oil 156g/km and with liquefied petroleum gas (GPL) 100g/km. to mention that there is no data on the impact (already important in countries like Portugal) of renewable energies On the power grid.

This gives a weighted average of 128g/km for electricity production for electric vehicles. The new SkyActiv-X has an announced emission record of 142g/km, which is just another 10%. And even below the environmental impact of electricity generated with oil or coal. But even though it’s 30% more expendable than the GPL, Mazda “believes it can improve the combustion engine to reach that level.” The SkyActiv-X is considered essential to reach this level, as it already presents several innovations such as the compression ignition of diesel applied to a gasoline engine.

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