Mercedes Benz X Class; The High-Class Pickup Truck

Sunday, April 30th, 2017 - Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz will enter the market of the pick-up with the Mercedes-Benz X Class  were presented two prototypes and the forecast is that the model is marketed yet at the end of this year

Mercedes Benz X Class pickup Release Date and Prices

After not too long terms here surprised very good people with the revelation of two pick-ups of BMW. now it’s real: Mercedes will even produce your pick-up, within the framework of the partnership with Nissan, so no wonder that the starting point is the well-known Navara.

Mercedes says it is responding to market trends and announces that the marketing can start at the end of this year.

With the Concept X-Class in two variants of design – the Concept Class X Powerful Adventurer, with characteristics closest to a pickup truck, and the Concept X Stylish Explorer Class, a premium model that stands out for family use and urban – the German manufacturer aims to capture different types of public: those that focus on the attributes of a traditional pickup truck and those who prefer a more innovative chain.

Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Interior Pictures

If the Concept X Powerful Adventurer Class stands out for its robustness, resistance and worthy of an all-terrain, without the comfort which is one of the hallmarks of the Mercedes a Class X Stylish Explorer DEMARCATES elegant and a contrast between the warm colors that invoke emotion, and the cool colors, alluding to the technique and perfectionism. Both models will be equipped with the latest connectivity technology — like, for example, specific car SIM card that will allow the driver through Mercedes Services Connect Me, access to all data. It is also known that Mercedes will give the program own a Class of accessories and different ways of customizing the Interior. The level of security, the new series has several cameras and ultrasound sensors and radar.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Engine

The Class X will use a range of diverse engines. The highest version of the range will be the V6 diesel engine 4-wheel drive, 4MATIC, enhanced by electronic traction management systems capable of overcoming any obstacle in all kinds of terrain.

Mercedes-Benz X Class Price and Release Date

Prices are not yet known but the Mercedes emphasized that the Mercedes X-Class will be “attractive within the segment”. It is recalled that this range of models will be manufactured under a partnership with the Renault-Nissan alliance. The production, at the end of 2017, will take place at the Nissan factory in Barcelona, Spain, and in the Renault factory in Cordoba, Argentina, as far as the Latin American market, from 2018.

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