Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4×4 Preview; Specs, Release Date

Thursday, December 28th, 2017 - Mercedes

Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4×4 Preview; Specs, Release Date – It started out as a bizarre idea of a Mercedes engineer, but it soon became reality: an E-class Estate with portal axes. We went on a path with the most terrain-worthy wagon in the world.

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Even in a serious brand like Mercedes-Benz They sometimes do crazy things. “Why do we not cross G-class 4×4 ² with an E-class All-Terrain?”, Mercedes-development engineer Jürgen Eberle asked himself last year at the presentation of the wagon. And then he went to the battle to realize his idea. He did so initially in his spare time and secretly. When he encountered problems, he asked his colleagues at Mercedes for advice. They did not send him with a bunched in the cane, they supported him in an unbureaucratic way. Eventually, he had gathered a team of 20 employees, including the design and Test department. Also, Michael Kelz, Chief Engineer E-Class, and Eberles boss, was quickly convinced that the idea of an E-class with portal axes is so bizarre that it might work best. So he ensured an E-class Estate and some capital for development.

However, if the techies get started, it becomes clear that it is going to be a difficult job. The portal axles of the G 4×4 ² do not fit under the E-class and the wheels in the size 285/50 R 20 cannot turn around in the wheel arches. A different construction must be developed. It is redial for portal axes, but they need to be more compact and of the Multilink-type – a rigid axis does not fit in with the comfortable character of the E-class. Eberle’s colleague Uwe Kalyan has a solution, whereby the wheels are not as usually directly attached to the axles, but under the ends via the portal transmission. At the Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4×4 The Portal axles are integrated into the multi-link suspension of the E-class. A subframe at the front axle and adjustments to the rear shaft carrier Create new axle mounting points, to which the portal axles are attached.

We can hardly believe that at Mercedes-Benz they have already made this effort for a one-off creation, so we will see these axes more often. They are in any case developed, so report the engineers of the brand.

To make this one-off even more special, it is also equipped with a powerful engine. The two diesel engines of the regular All-terrain are found to be light, so an E400 Estate with 333 hp strong V6-Gasoline engine is converted to ALL-terrain and then placed higher on the legs. The combination is thus in the taste of the engineers, that the All-Terrain is now also available with a gasoline engine. And how does such an E-class drive on stilts now? We drove with the concept-car on an old tank-test site in the German Immendingen, where Mercedes-Benz builds a 520-hectare large test center that is being used in 2018. When boarding we are thankful that this car has shelves. They are usually for the ornament, but at this car they are a bitter necessity to be able to come aboard. This car has a bottom clearance of 42 centimeters, where the distance to the ground at the normal All-Terrain is 16 centimeters. If you grab the driver’s seat, however, you can still climb behind the wheel of this bizarre device with some difficulty.

Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4x4 Interior

Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4×4 Engine Specs

Inside it is different, the dashboard we know from the E-class. When we start the cylinder, we see a lot of lights lit up in the instrument panel. The traction control and the rest of the electronics are not yet linked to the portal axes, but they are being worked hard. Even without electronic devices, the All-Terrain is well of its place. Then the first obstacle looms, a steep hill. We are afraid that the car on the top gets stuck because of the long wheelbase, but it goes well. The incline is, therefore, huge with 31.7 degrees.

After having ridden a few meters on the test track, it becomes clear that this car is even better to make in the terrain than a G-class, whose leading angle at the front with 28.8 degrees is actually smaller than that of the All-Terrain 4×4 ² (35.8 degrees). The chassis has no obstacle whatsoever and Interior of the E400 All-Terrain 4×4 ² You have the feeling of being in a standard E-class. Agreed, the air suspension gives some blows filtered through, but that’s not so crazy. The rubber buses in the spring legs have been replaced by uniball-bearings, which are normally found in racing cars. This ensures that the chassis feels a bit stiffer. However, there is no question of tilting and diving, which is the head of the car, at the Mercedes E 400 All-Terrain 4×4. And that feels pretty weird, given the height of this car. You see that you are driving off-road, but at the same time, you enjoy high-quality spring comfort. When you get off, you are convinced that you drove with the first representative of a new car segment. Rightfully a unique car.

Whether he is going to leave the prototype stage behind? Mercedes-Benz stresses that there are no production plans, but the three models built to date with portal axes, the AMG G 63 6 x 6, the G 500 4×4 ² and the Maybach G 650 Landaulet have never officially gone into production. Perhaps the Mercedes E400 All-Terrain 4×4, therefore, has more prospects than imagined.

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