2019 Volvo XC40 SUV Concept Previews

2019 Volvo XC40 SUV Concept Previews

Volvo has not planned the unveiling of the hail new XC40 until later. However, the compact Swedish cross-over has now been published in full on the internet! Volvo is very soon pulling the canvas of the 2019 Volvo XC40, but thanks to website Carscoops, the car is already visible from all angles.

The XC40 is a new crossover from Volvo that uses the new CMA platform. This base has been developed to be able to accommodate a whole range of safety-related zippers that Volvo has already used in the 90 series on the larger SPA platform.

The XC40 must be able to roll through the traffic as well as its larger brothers with the optional Pilot Assist semi-autonomously. Also get the car systems like City Safety, run-off-road Protection, run-off-road mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert with Auto Brake and a 360 ˚ camera. In the infotainment shop, Volvo is in the gadget Shop of the 90 series. This means that we will also encounter the vertically oriented Sensus system, known for the new XC60 and the V/S90 and XC90, in the XC40.

Engine Specs and Color Trims

The 40 series will be available with a range of three-and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Also comes a Twin Engine-a plug-in hybrid. Earlier, Volvo announced that it was firmly committed to personalization with the XC40. That means that the brand has various color combinations and different types of finish for its new hoogpotige model.

The XC40 (later follows a new V40), is the production version of the 40.1 Concept. The 01 by Lynk & Co. Already uses the new CMA platform, a car that also has to come to Europe.

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