NEW BMW M4 GTS 2016 First Drive Review

Friday, April 15th, 2016 - BMW

The new BMW M4 GTS 2016 was hardly in the StVZO corset press and is driven in our first check on the racetrack in the border area.

2016 bmw m4 gts hp

There are only three numbers, but more does not need Frank van Meel, the new BMW M4 GTS to describe: 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100, a power/weight ratio of three kilograms per HP and a Northern loop time of less than 7:28 minutes make the power Coupé for the Chief of the M GmbH to the hottest by far and most passionate model in the portfolio. Strictly speaking, there are still two more numbers that characterize the circuit racer forced laboriously in the rules and regulations of the road traffic licensing order: the price of 142,600 euros, which supple 65,000 euro over the conventional M4 is located, and was the limited number of 700 copies, which sold out just a few weeks after the launch of the force Meiers. Even if the new BMW rolls M4 GTS in these days of the retailers, decision-makers can save therefore towards the BMW operating of their confidence. What is quite a shame. Because they miss a driving experience, as it has become now rare even at BMW. The new BMW M4 GTS are the purest water sportsmen in the check literally and thus clarifies the other M models in the shade.

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Hardly one falls into the narrow carbon bucket seats of the new M4 GTS and feel the tension of the harness, you get goose bumps. And as soon as the engine in the new BMW chases M4 GTS his furious roar, tubes and Rotzen by the vierflultigen titanium exhaust, tickles the ear drum. When then the double clutch closes with the first burst of gas, to a heavy lump of stomach clenches up and wanders the pleasure centers directly in the right foot. Way a sports car must feel. While the BMW not only looks M4 GTS with its razor-sharp blade at the bow, the new, large nostrils-pierced hood and the huge Ironing Board on the rear, as he would whistle on morals and order. But he moves himself actually hart says at the borders of the regulations, by Meel: “The GTS is the maximum of what is possible on the road to racing cars”. And he offers a minimum of what you would expect from BMW in a racing car on rubber and leather. So the rapid force in Garching has weight hoods and roof while baked also the door panels and center console carbon and respected even in little things such as the screw for the adjustable spoiler or the arms for the cockpit on the weight. And because they have sacrificed even the rear seat, the new M4 GTS with its 1,510 kg including driver actually about a hundredweight is lighter than a normal M4. But you have to forgo air conditioning still neither hot ride on the Abstandstempomaten or of course the extensive Infotainment system for the Bayern have programmed a track coach.

2016 bmw m4 gts Interior


In contrast to his common appearance the new BMW proves M4 GTS in the first check as surprisingly good-natured car: Yes, he is brutally fast, brilliant, and roaring loudly. And when the brakes as pliers in the carbon discs bite, the eyes of the driver are dangerously large. But where other sports car of this caliber are angular and rectangular and can be themselves only by expert hand on line, the new M4 GTS goes far in the border area, round and harmonious. Then, is just a little bit light in the rear and dances a little with his crisp other side before he turns as saying straight and pulls at a irrwitzigem pace from the curve. Of course, it is breathless in this car. Especially if you move it far beyond the transport rules on a race track. Yet the air never remains one at the wheel of the new M4 GTS away scared, even if you middle of the curve the foot times ever and takes corrective action in the steering wheel. What makes the new BMW as sharp and fast M4 GTS in addition to fasting, the sophisticated aerodynamics and of course the Coilovers, is its powerful modified engine. Instead of 431, the three-liter Twin-Turbo now produces 500 HP and maximum torque climbs from 550 to 600 Newton metres. The bodybuilder from Bavaria achieve this with a new chip and more Turbo pressure, but with a solid technology premiere: the new BMW uses the first series model M4 GTS rediscovered water injection. With it, a fine mist of water into the exhaust gas stream is injected into the collector down cooling the charge air. This reduces the tendency of the tapping, allows a higher compression ratio, more boost pressure

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