New Borgward BX7 SUV Review – Is it worth buying?

Sunday, October 14th, 2018 - Borgward

New Borgward BX7 SUV Review – Is it worth buying? – It took a while, but now the new Borgward SUV has set foot on European soil. Does the Chinese with the German brand name have a chance with us?

2019 Borgward BX7 SUV Relase Date and Price

Feeling for timing was not the best feature of the German auto pioneer Carl Borgward (1890-1963). His models looked beautiful and progressive but were often brought to market too quickly, so they were struggling with teething problems. We had to wait very long for the first SUV of today’s Borgward. Already at the IAA of 2015 the Chinese-German brand showed the new SUV, but only now does the car – now again carefully developed – make the crossing to our continent. When he comes to the Netherlands, it is not yet known; our eastern neighbors can immediately buy it for just over € 44,000. That is considerably more than the 30 million that was initially mentioned, but for that, you get a car with a very complete equipment. There is no option list for the BX7 TS First Edition and there is not even a color choice. The first new model since 1961 is always delivered in the matte ‘magnet gray metallic’ in combination with brown leather. Standard is an automatic Sestak, a large sliding glass roof, 18-inch alloy wheels and an infotainment package with a 12.3-inch touchscreen. The system listens to the name Carl, which is one of the rare references to the history of the brand.

That Borgward is buying many buyers from brands like Audi and BMW do not expect them at the Stuttgart branch where we pick up our testator. There is the expectation that especially lovers of the brand, who already have a beautiful Isabella from the 50s in the garage, let themselves be pulled over the line. A not immediately realistic hope, because during our test drive it soon turns out that purchasing on the basis of purely rational arguments does not seem very likely.

2019 Borgward BX7 Performance

The fact that the Borgward BX7 does not live up to expectations during the test drive is mainly due to its engine. Borgward currently only has a 2.0-liter turbo block with 224 hp and Euro 6b certification. The four-cylinder operates with determination. He does not show too much of himself in a quiet driving style and does not show himself to be a fan of higher revs. Then he sounds a bit tinny and starts to thump. Yet you can not escape higher speeds, because the six-speed Aisin automatic transmission does not always have the right gear. This then leads to the fact that the four-cylinder, which Borgward developed together with the FEV-based specialist in Aachen, puts it on a booze. Those who accelerate the accelerator pedal quickly see consumption as high as 12.5 l / 100 km. A disappointment, especially because the Borgward performs very well in other respects. For example, the control does not require too much effort, but still offers enough information. Also, the suspension comfort on the highway is fine; the suspension is only bouncing on manhole covers and transverse ridges. And unlike many other cars from China, the quality impression and finish of the Borgward cannot complain. Not only does the design of the digital meters and the center console very Audi-like, that also applies to the way in which the plastics and the beautifully stitched leather upholstery feel.

New Borgward BX7 Interior Images - Luxury SUV
Features & Platform

The bodywork makes a solid impression, the body seams are nicely even and the doors fall with a solid in the lock. No, the 2019 Borgward BX7 is not exactly a car that has been cobbled together. That is why it is so unfortunate that he does not have his own face. Borgward disappeared so long ago that the designers could not fall back on distinctive design elements. The BX7 now looks very anonymous and could just as well have been a French or Korean car. On the other hand, it is a neat, easy to operate and control car. Even Carl follows the orders immediately; it accurately navigates you to your destination and delivers sharp 360-degree camera images. Adaptive cruise control and a lane assistant are not yet possible. This also applies to a modern automatic transmission, a start-stop system and a particulate filter with which the Borgward must comply with the Euro 6d Temp standard from September. So we still have to be patient. With that, a characteristic of the past will emerge: Carl Borgward built good cars, but it

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