2020 Ford Focus; The Most Innovative Ford Ever

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 - Ford

Ford has unseen the 2020 Ford Focus, The New generation of Focus Series. which comes with the promise of being “the most dynamic, exciting and innovative Ford ever”. The expectations are high, very nourished by the brand, the result of serious investments in various aspects.

2020 Ford Focus wagon Dimensions

The new Ford Focus has been revealed by the brand and the news is endless. Technology is one of the key points of this new generation, along with the wide range of engines and the different gamma versions, they are the Active ST-Line, Titanium and Vignale. It says the brand that this is the fifth generation of the model assumes an evolution in the language of design, trying to convey a rich experience in all interactions with passengers. The new Focus will arrive in October in the five-door Berlin version, and then lançandas the van and Active variant.

2020 Ford Focus Redesign Dynamic and assertive

Presenting a “proportional maturation”, in an attempt to reflect a more premium aspect and a sporting silhouette – without neglecting the character of comfort – the new Ford Focus presents a recoil of the A pillars, converging dynamically towards a C-pillar more Muscled. The longest bonnet flows into the bumper in which the grid is demarced, attributing a more assertive presence, a character complemented by the design of the optics. The wheelbase grew by 53 mm – enabling an increase of 56mm of space for knees.

These gains are mainly due to the adoption of the C2 platform – which allowed a growth of 18mm in length and reduce the weight between 50 and 88kg. The aerodynamics also present improvements, thanks to a lower profile, among other updates.

The different range versions of the new Ford Focus take on particularities such as, in the case of the Vignale option, Satin Chrome, an exclusive grill and other notes. The 2020 Ford Focus ST-Line features a more aggressive aesthetic with a rear diffuser and a spoiler on the roof. It also has a lower 10mm sports suspension. In relation to Active, the highest 30mm suspension is underlined, including Fender Resguardosnos and bumper with non-ink zones – available in the truck and five-door variants.

2020 Ford Focus Interior Capacity

In the passenger compartment, the lines flow and Ford sought to make the environment on board more welcoming. Among other changes, highlight for wood finishes and leather-coated benches for the Vignale version, or the notes that replicate the carbon fiber effect and the red embroidery of ST-Line. The surfaces in Active are more rugged and material in fabric.

Security and Technology Features

The new Ford Focus Technology chapter highlights the driving aid systems – in particular the level 2 autonomous driving system – Active Park Assist 2, the Pre-collision assistance system with pedestrian and cyclist detector and pós-colisão braking, the Presence detection system at the dead angles, and the ‘ Wrong Way ‘ alert, among others. Connectivity improved with FordPass Connect. It is also a caveat for the electric direction with compensation, and the new ESP with binary vectorization.

Engine Specs of Ford Focus 2020 Model Year

The wide range of engine solutions is one of the attractions of the new Ford Focus. The gasoline options are in charge of the 1.0 L ECO Boost block – now with particle filter and the highest fuel injection pressure for the 250bar – available in three power levels, 85, 100 and 125 Horsepower . The offer also complenta with the engine of 1.5 L ECO boost of three cylinders, available with potencies in the order of 150 and 182 Horsepower . Both engines incorporate new turbos and the deactivation function of a cylinder.

The diesel proposals go through the 1.5 L engines – in the 95 and 120 Horsepower versions, both with 300 Nm of binary – and the 2.0 L, with 150 Horsepower of power and binary 370Nm.

2020 Ford Focus Interior Features

Ford makes available for the 1.0 L ECO Boost block of 125 Horsepower , for 1.5 L ECO boost of 150 Horsepower and for the 1.5 L 120 Horsepower and ECO Blue 2.0 L 150 Horsepower Diesel The new eight-speed automatic transmission.

An authentic revolution in this new Ford Focus is employed by the Blue Oval brand, which is expected to stand out from competition in the market.

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