Hyundai Ix35 Fcev Review Specs Price

Hyundai Ix35 Fcev Review Specs Price

In the homeland, Hyundai has just presented the Next Generation FCEV, an almost production-ripe preview of a new SUV with a fuel cell on board. The next Generation IX35 FCEV is the next step in the new fuel cell adventure of Hyundai. Earlier, the brand by the FE Fuel Cell Concept already presented a preview of a new SUV with such a powertrain on board.

The Next Generation FCEV, which will eventually get a decent name, can be seen as the successor to the ix35 FCEV. The final name will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which takes place in Las Vegas in January.

A fuel-cell-powered SUV must be able to reach a tank 800 kilometers far. The fuel cell is 9 percent more efficient and also lighter and more powerful than the fuel cell that was in predecessor Ix35 FCEV. The power is 20 percent higher and is now at 163 hp. The ix35 FCEV came 594 kilometers far from a tank.

The fuel cell in the FCEV SUV is 9-percent more efficient and also lighter and more powerful. The power of the electric motor is 20 percent higher and now amounts to 119.7 KW (163 hp). The new hydrogen car offers an action radius up to a whopping 800 kilometers, according to NEDC (Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: 594 kilometers).

We See an SUV that is not yet fully productive, although the design pieces are more concrete than the concept car that Hyundai had previously shown. Immediately it becomes clear that Hyundai’s hydrogen SUV also gets the front with the dual viewers that we first saw on the Kona. Hyundai Let the car week know that we are going to see that design style on all the SUVs of the brand.

Next year the car should appear on the market. Hyundai has a green future in mind. Even before 2020, the Korean brand wants to put fourteen new eco-models on the market. Five of these are a hybrid, while four plugins and four electric cars are in the barrel. This SUV with a fuel cell is separate from it. We already know that Hyundai from Kona also wants to bring an electrical variant. The above should help Hyundai become the largest Asian car manufacturer of Europe.

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