2019 Mercedes C 350E SW Review

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 - Mercedes

Here is The 2019 Mercedes C 350E Review. If there is an outlet in the garage and the route is short, this Mercedes wagon is brilliant. It shines less when the gasoline engine wakes up. But if there’s a lot of rush, it glows again.

2019 Mercedes C 350E SW Review Performance Engine

Many eggs in the same basket can result in a bad outcome. Mercedes knows it. That’s why it’s diversifying paths to pollution. One of them is to have 10 hybrids with recharging function in the socket (plug-in) up to 2017. This is the second, after the S500 Plug-in Hybrid. Out of nowhere, but inside this car there are two engines: a 2.0 of four cylinders gasoline with 207 horsepower and another electric, integrated into the gearbox, with 80 Horsepower. There are also two “deposits”: one for gasoline, another for the electrons jump, i.e. a lithium-ion battery that occupies the bottom of the trunk, which robs 30 liters of space and adds 250 kg of weight. All of this to ensure a maximum electrical autonomy of 30 km (we verified 26 km to walk slowly on the road).

The 2019 Mercedes C 350E is the perfect car for those who love controlling driving programs, operating modes and consumer graphics. For the record, among the modes of operation we can opt for the pure electric (e-mode, up to 130 km/h) by loading mode (charge) in which the gasoline engine loads the battery in progress, by the E-save mode, which guards the electric charge for later or by Hybrid mode Which comes by default. Then there are automatic nuances. For example: When we rotate in e-mode and if the battery runs out the hybrid mode. And when we choose the charge mode, once the maximum load is reached, the car assumes the E-save mode to save what it has loaded, although it operates in a hybrid mode, alternating gasoline engine/electric motor whenever possible. However, it also leverages braking and deceleration to recover energy.

To help keep the consumption under control the accelerator is active, offering more resistance when we are loading more than it would be desirable. In electric mode it is not advisable to press it on the bottom, otherwise, the gasoline engine will automatically pass to hybrid mode. Afterwards, all this crosses with the driving programs, ranging from Comfort to Sport +, with some exceptions because not all operating modes are available in all driving modes. For example, Sport or Sport + are only compatible with Hybrid or Individual operating programs. Don’t you understand? It’s natural For the common user, managing so much is, at least, confusing, so the surest is to end up in hybrid mode, in which the car does what it understands, how and when it understands, in order to provide the best consumptions in the face of driving style.

2019 Mercedes C 350E SW NEW Interior Features

Where this van is most justified is in the city, gliding gently in electric mode and enjoying the well-being provided by the intrinsic quality of the Mercedes class C. In a commuting course less than 25 km you can make a day-to-day fully electric, but out of this bubble Urban 2019 Mercedes C 350E loses advantages.

Counting on the help of a full electric charge, which is achieved in 2 hours in a normal outlet, the first 100 km “cost”, according to the mark, 2.4 liters of gasoline. Perhaps, but in a mixed path and the pace of transit, with a lot of urban routes through the middle, thus practicing a realistic use and according to the orientation of the car, we verified 6.4 liters to the hundred. We started by selecting the pure electric mode until it fully spent the battery, traveling the rest of the distance (about 80 km) in hybrid mode. It’s not overkilled for a gasoline car with this level of potency, but for a hybrid.

In long trips, it is still less profitable with this locomotion system, which shows less cost-effective than a good diesel. The gasoline engine is noisy and always spender. Without electrical help, 120 km/h the averages around the 7.1 l/100 km and can pass from the 9 L/100 if we do the worst of all, that is to turn on the Charge mode. On the other hand, who forgets the real reason why he spent 55.600 euros in the most expensive van of the range (excluding AMG versions) and if it is in ink for consumption, it can frighten any sporting in sport or sport + modes.

Accelerations from zero to 100 in 6 seconds and recovers to glue the back to the bank become our daily bread. After all, it is always 279 Hp of combined power at our disposal, well explored by a box 7 G-Tronic specific programming and with tabs on the steering wheel, adding to the wonders of rear traction and active pneumatic suspension.

2019 Mercedes C 350E Review; Verdict

The second model of Mercedes with functional electrical autonomy (up to 30 km) has so many personalities, that to manage them all you need to take a course. Conclusion: Forget about the schedules and let it manage itself in Hybrid mode.

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