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Monday, August 20th, 2018 - Peugeot

The hype to give cars an SUV appearance is being implemented ever further. For example, Peugeot has equipped its new Peugeot Rifter with an elevation and some plastic with the wheel arches. Will there be enough ease of use?

2019 Peugeot Rifter Price and Release Date

The issue of passenger versions of delivery vans is a concept that has been embraced by car manufacturers for decades. You get a little less luxury, but an extremely large amount of space. These cars are not only used for commercial passenger transport, but also for large families who can not immediately afford a luxury Renault Espace. Peugeot is one of the brands that has been implementing this idea for a long time, including the Tepee version of the Partner. The current Partner is now ten years old and so the French thought it was time for a new one. The person version follows simultaneously and is now called Rifter.

Peugeot does it here just a little differently. The brand has the car some increased and equipped with a slightly tougher appearance. The idea is that this gives the car some cross-over and SUV characteristics, something that is quite popular with buyers today. Does that work even if the base is a delivery van? According to Peugeot, the Peugeot Rifter takes some distance from its origin anyway and drives like a fully-fledged passenger car, something we will try.

2019 Peugeot Rifter Dimensions

The reasons to consider a car like this are in any case straight. The luggage compartment of the Rifter is already 1.355 liters by default. If you fold the benches (including the passenger seat), you go to a bizarre 3,500 liters. The extended version even does 4,000 liters! Then you might have a Mercedes E-class Estate or Skoda Superb Combi, but you will not get that yet. Because the passenger airbag is in the roof, you can also safely support extremely long objects through the dashboard. The rear window can be opened separately, handy if you are parked close to a wall or other car.

2019 Peugeot Rifter Passenger Capacity

2019 Peugeot Rifter Interior Space

The rear seats have three separate seats, which offer a lot of head and legroom, but keep in mind that these are not the most comfortable seats ever. Very nice: despite the sliding doors, an electrically operated rear window is available. With the seven-seat version, the middle bench is optionally adjustable. In the front, we notice how neat the cockpit looks for a car in this segment. Now we had the luxury GT version, but every Rifter gets Peugeot’s new i-Cockpit with the small steering wheel and the digital display high in front of you. Because of the high middle tunnel, you do not get such cheap truckers feeling as in some converted company cars where then such a long truck poker is. It looks and feels mature. At the same time, you have a huge amount of storage space for loose items: large door pockets, a double glove compartment, compartments for the clocks, compartments in front of and behind the multimedia screen, a huge deep hidden tunnel and a broad depositing area above your head where in the past the delivery notes of delivery personnel were always , but now maybe a tablet.

Engine Specs & Performance

Once on the road, you notice that the car is nice and quiet. No exaggerated wind or tire noise and the 130 hp diesel engine is – as always at Peugeot – very refined. The new eight-speed automatic transmission from the French is also available for the 2019 Peugeot Rifter and that is a good thing. That transmission is, in retrospect, exactly what Peugeot has missed all those years. He goes smoothly by the resistance and responds pleasantly to the input of your accelerator, so you never really in a wrong speed range. Especially with the hefty torque of the diesel, you get easy to speed in the Peugeot Rifter.

The driving behavior is comfortable and comfortable, but the car does not move like a steamer and certainly does not overdo it. At no point is there any dynamics or fun driving behavior in the Peugeot Rifter, but that is not the type of car. More importantly, it is not exhausting in the long haul that cars of this kind can still have their simple chassis and low-noise sound insulation. The Rifter offers noticeably more comfort and luxury than is customary for this segment. This makes it a real option for people with a large family or hobbies that require a lot of transport space, be it mountain biking or canoeing.

Peugeot Rifter Price & Availability

Well, one very big but: the prices of the car are not yet known. In the past, these types of cars were relatively cheap, but since the bpm is dependent on CO2 emissions, passenger vans have risen sharply in price. It will probably take until 2019 before the Rifter is actually delivered in the europe, while we expect the prices only in a few months. Whether the car is really worth considering will depend on that news. The technical basis is in any case well in order.

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