2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Dimensions

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Dimensions

The 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback falls with its length and its price between the B and C-segment. He only as Space back in EUROPE is available and recently with a new engine: a 999 cc three cylinder with a turbo. Appearance and interior were light at around. The reason for a renewed acquaintance with this particular Czech, that everything just else does.

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback First Impression

To start with that format: with its length of 4.30 meters is the 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback almost five centimeters longer than cousin Volkswagen Golf, which is, in turn, a small ten centimeters wider. And compared to the Fabia, with which he shares its platform? Also, that trumps the Rapid, even the Combi. Best a hefty car so and this is again typical Skoda, those relatively long models. And speaking of centimeters, reporting we are right but that you in the backseat very spacious seating in the Rapid. More leg room than in a C-class and in addition adequate headroom. That the bodywork is narrower, you notice once there are three people in the back seat. Then it becomes. However, that in practice not so common. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 415 liters, more than that of a wave.

Anyway, start something about that facelift. That consists of a new front bumper, fog lamps, and other black tinted rear lights. The headlights – now also as bi-xenon available – are equipped with Linda gray lighting. In the Interior we can see other door panels and the instruments, the Control Panel on the climate control and the ventilation grills have been updated. There is also Wi-Fi on board and the rear passengers have two (optional) USB charging points. The important news is the arrival of the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI, which we already know from other models of the Volkswagen Group. In this case, is that available with 110 HP or 95 HP, as a successor of the four cylinders 1.2 TSI?

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback  Performance; Sufficient torque

We take place behind the wheel of a manual 95 HP TSI, probably the best-selling version in Netherlands. Fine Chair, fine riding position, that off to a good start. And there should also be worked right away because we drive in the hilly area of Frankfurt. The small three-cylinder may have good rides for climbing, but he doesn’t really have a lot of trouble getting the Feldberg. During accelerating hear and feel good that there is an odd number of Pistons to stamping, but annoyingly is not. On constant engine speed is pretty quiet and at 100 km/h is the needle of the tachometer, not 2,200 and 3,000 rpm with 130 is that around. Can you still remember the time that you are in compact cars with four Bowl all at 100 km/h above the 3,000 rpm sat? The maximum torque of 160 Nm at 1,500 rpm is already smoking, according to the manufacturer. In practice, however, the turbo has a little more time to rinse, but among the 2,000 rpm, there is in each case sufficient pull. In the predominantly flat Netherlands you can with this engine then also fine and if you don’t turn it off, there’s the seven-speed DSG, which incidentally not in combination with the 110-horsepower engine.

The speed-sensitive power steering works and fits well with the character of the Space back, a friend to all. Suspension and damping to the solid side and the 17-inch wheels under the test car make it look in terms of comfort. By default, Space back on 16-inch light-metal and that’s actually pretty okay for a car like this.

Rich standard equipment

About standard spoken: Skoda provides the 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback in only one trim variant and that is the Drive. And at the fluff of the specification list, we see that that pretty decent in the stuff. In addition to all the usual things, we see Bluetooth, air conditioning, cruise control, a leather covered, multifunctional steering wheel, the already mentioned wheels, a navigation system and parking sensors in the rear bumper. In the field of active safety is the Rapid not so blessed and the number of available systems is limited. Options such as Lane Assistant, active cruise control, and blind spot warning do not occur in the list. And then there are of course the typical Skoda-quirks, which identifies with the brand ‘ simply clever ‘. As the umbrella under the passenger seat, a clip to the A-pillar in which you can scroll a parking ticket, an ice scraper in the tank valve, a reversible mat in the luggage room (for the wet dog for example) and the like. It would be a total of 20.

In the program of Skoda is the 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback between the Fabia and Octavia in. He cost almost twenty mile and for that money, you step even though in a Peugeot 2008 or even a Ford Focus, although you than a stripped down version. And we will then immediately at the strong point of the Space back. Because he may very well be what different from the rest, he is going to be very complete. And inside more spacious than many a car from the C-segment. From this point of view has Skoda with this car an interesting offer in the showroom.

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