2019 Ssangyong Musso Review – worth picking up?

Thursday, August 30th, 2018 - Ssangyong

2019 Ssangyong Musso Review – worth picking up?  – Many pickups are designed as such from the outset so that they can get company from an SUV brother later on. SUV specialist Ssangyong, however, does the reverse and provides the still very fresh Rexton of a body. The result is called Musso and according to SsangYong is a SUT or a Sports Utility Truck.

2019 Ssangyong Musso USA Price & Lease Deals

The Toyota Fortuner, the Ford Everest and the Isuzu MU-X are completely unknown in us, but they clearly illustrate what is so different about SsangYong’s approach. Where the three mentioned models are SUVs based on the much better known Hilux, Ranger, and D-Max, SsangYong chooses to first come up with an SUV and then equip it with a loading platform. The name SUT is not new and was already used by Chevrolet for the Avalanche, a Suburban-based ‘truck’ that looks a bit like SsangYong’s latest model. This means that the Korean, like the predecessor Action Sports, is a select group. At the front, the car is exactly the same as the Rexton after a single detail. This is especially evident when we walk back from the impressive nose: the 2019 Ssangyong Musso has a full five-seater cabin. Only at the rear of the rear doors, both models take a different route.

The 2019 Ssangyong Musso has an even longer wheelbase than the new SUV and with a total length of 5,095 mm it is outright sharp. Nevertheless, partly because of the long cab, the container is relatively short. At the same time, the walls are actually higher than with most competitors, creating a very deep loading platform. Whether that is useful differs per user, but it ensures that you do not have to reach far from the tailgate for things that have been pushed forward while driving. The remarkable proportions, however, offer especially advantages in the back seat. Here no upright excuse bench, but a full-fledged back seat, on which adults can sit comfortably.

2019 Ssangyong Musso Interior

SsangYong states that the Musso has an advantage over its competitors in terms of comfort, interior finishing, and equipment due to its Rexton genes. In addition to the view in the interior mirror, the 2019 Ssangyong Musso from the driver’s seat is indeed exactly the same as the Rexton. That is good news because Ssangyong has made a huge step forward with the Rexton in the field of interior design. In terms of design it is all little original and the use of materials here and there for improvements, but the whole sticks neatly and rattle-free and the chosen style is consistently implemented. The same applies to the infotainment system, which was developed by SsangYong itself and, in more expensive versions, gains reinforcement from a second color screen placed between the speedometer and tachometer. The menu structure of the no less than 9.2-inch multimedia screen requires some habituation, but the digital environment looks modern and has everything you can expect from such a system in 2018. Also Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are therefore present, just like a built-in navigation system, which in this case comes from TomTom.

The extensive list of standard features is, in any case, a strong point of the Musso. Top version Sapphire, which according to the importer will be the most popular of the three versions, is equipped with, for example, keyless entry and go, xenon and leather-covered seats with heating and ventilation. SsangYong is also well-equipped in the field of safety thanks to systems such as Rear Traffic Alert and blind spot detection. In terms of equipment, the Musso can handle the battle with luxury SUVs, but on the road, it is mainly a real workhorse. That is no surprise because the Rexton is also an old-fashioned executioner with a ladder chassis.

2019 Ssangyong Musso Performance

With a weight of around 2,000 kg and a pleasant, but not exactly sparkling 2.2-liter diesel engine on board, the car invites you to cruise in every way. In addition, the Musso proves to be quite comfortable and keeps the engine in the background, so that it is pleasantly quiet on board. However, it is noticeable that the rear axle is considerably harder suspension than that of the SUV brother. Ssangyong uses a simpler version of the multilink suspension of that car to obtain a usable payload. With an empty container, this results in a somewhat jumpy rear. The Musso is therefore constantly in motion, although it will undoubtedly be better with a heavy load. In contrast to the 181 hp and 400 Nm strong 2.2, the automatic transmission of the Musso does not come from the Rexton. It has a seven-wheeler from Mercedes-Benz, but the Musso does it with a six-speed gearbox from the Japanese Aisin. A manual gearbox is also available, but the machine does its job nicely and fits well with the good-natured, calm character of this Korean.

2019 Ssangyong Musso Engine Performance & MPG

With a starting price of around € 22,000 excluding VAT and bpm and including that spacious double cabin, the 2019 Ssangyong Musso seems an excellent offer, but there is a catch. Due to the short body, this pick-up in its current form is not eligible for the gray registration system, which makes the car no longer attractive to entrepreneurs. Soon SsangYong will present a longer Musso who does claim tax benefits and then this Korean with its rich equipment and spacious interior is a welcome addition to this segment.

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