Toyota FR-S and FCV Concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 - 2016, Toyota

Toyota FR-S and FCV Concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2015 :  The Supra? Mire different. Toyota FR-S Concept wants to be more, to propose to the other extreme, that of the coupe accessible, entertaining without having to show off a cavalry exaggerated. In recent months, the acronym S-FR had already caught the attention, now a few weeks after the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the Japanese unveil an original coupe rounded shapes, definitely unconventional as it was designed for the front .

Toyota SV-R Concept

Toyota SV-R Interior

From prototype to the finished product should receive interventions that should perfect style, remaining, however, the proportions those of a product very compact. It is seen as the answer to the Mazda MX-5 and the third ring in the future range of sports Toyota under the GT86, obviously. The Japanese brand has merely stated as Toyota FR-S Concept puts the emphasis on lightness and simplicity of design. The interior confirms the approach, with the bare minimum on the dashboard (and not only). Engine installed at the front, rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual gearbox: all very classic, simple; the right ingredients to satisfy a niche audience. What the units under the hood has not been made official, it could be a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter, 130 horsepower.

Toyota FC-V Plus Concept Toyota FC-V Plus Specs

Do not stop there the offensive Toyota Tokyo motor show, given the presence of other two concepts, far more futuristic and confined to the role of exercises in style and technology labs. On the one hand it is proposed Toyota FCV Plus, fuel cell vehicle with a weight balance ensures that Toyota at the top of the balance: all the batteries of the forecarriage fuel cell, hydrogen tank behind and four electric motors placed on the wheels. He plays a new role in the car, considering the vehicle as a power generator and not just a means of transport.

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